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According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, a 2017 study of Florida-based rehab centers received a response rate of 89.5 percent from a total of 668 treatment facilities. As you can see, there are many rehab centers in Florida, but this isn’t the only reason you should start your alcohol addiction recovery in the Sunshine State. Alcohol rehab and alcohol detox in Florida is often an effective start to your life after alcohol addiction, and you can learn more about the reasons why starting your journey of recovery in a Florida-based rehab facility, like Summer House Detox Center, is the best choice you can make.

1. Florida Is Often an Escape from an Old Life.

Why do so many people choose to vacation in Florida? It’s the same reason why so many people seek addiction recovery in the Sunshine State: Florida is often far away from your problems, stressors, and the life that has led you to alcohol abuse. According to the National Institutes of Health, certain triggers can lead you to drink as a coping mechanism. This can become an addiction, however, when drinking gets out of control. Still, even when you try to put your life back together and stop drinking, it can be hard to do so when you continue to be surrounded by the same triggers.

Whether you enter short-term (one to three months) or long-term (up to a year or more) rehab, choosing to get away from the things in your life that cause you pain and stress can truly help you in your journey toward recovery. These issues won’t be weighing on your mind during treatment, and what’s more, you can truly take control of your life. During treatment, when you are away from your day-to-day life, you can ask yourself questions like:

  • Am I really happy?
  • What is it in my life that is helping to cause my drinking?
  • Are there ways I can fix the issues that have helped cause my drinking?
  • Would I be happier if I were living somewhere else, doing something else, or surrounded by different people?

2. Florida Environment Allows for Self-Reflection.

Florida’s tranquil beaches, lush forests, and flat grasslands are great places to self-reflect. According to a 2015 study published in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, recovery should be a time of “personal growth with developmental milestones.” The only way to be able to achieve this is to be in an environment where you can take self-reflect. Florida is a great place to learn these skills if you don’t already have them, and it’s a wonderful environment in which to practice them for the first time. In fact, many rehab centers in Florida provide patients with trips to the beach or other natural spots.

3. There Is a Strong Recovery Community in Florida.

Remember the earlier statistic about Florida’s many rehab centers? This is one reason why people come here, choosing to look for help and then decide to stay. Coming to Florida gives many recovering users a new lease on life, and after seeking treatment at a Florida rehab center, some people choose to settle here.

As such, Florida has a large recovery community. Many people who live in the state have struggled with addiction and learned to cope with it through seeking treatment and practicing relapse prevention. This means there are many organizations, programs, and other facilities that offer help to those in the early stages of their recoveries, which can be effective to seek out after your alcohol detox and/or alcohol rehab is complete.

In addition, because there are so many rehab centers in Florida and so many people settle in the state after seeking treatment, most average citizens have had some experience with addiction, either with a loved one, a friend, or themselves. This will allow you to go through your daily interactions with people having more confidence that they will understand your situation, should you choose to share it with them.

4. There Is Always Something to Do in Florida.

One of the great things about Florida is that sober activities abound. The year-round sunshine and outdoorsy spirit of Florida residents make for a combination that allows for lots of activities and classes you can attend as part of your recovery. Lots of them are even free. Yoga, Tai Chi, dancing, surfing, biking, walking, swimming, and many other activities are part of the Florida lifestyle. All of these are forms of exercise, and according to Harvard Medical School, exercise can be a fantastic holistic treatment for addiction.

5. Rehab in Florida Is Often Specialized.

When you decide to seek treatment for your alcohol addiction, you might have a certain type of recovery method in mind. Perhaps you are looking for a Christian or another faith-based type of alcohol rehab center. You might instead want to seek out a treatment facility that offers holistic options for recovery, such as pet therapy, aromatherapy, massage, or others. Maybe you’re looking for a rehab program that will offer you luxury treatment, such as accommodations similar to a hotel room, spa, catered meals, and more.

All of these types of rehab centers exist in Florida, and some of them may even overlap. Those who are looking for specialized care are more likely to find it in Florida than almost anywhere else, partly because the state has so many rehab centers and there are many different types of people and businesses in Florida. When you’re seeking a treatment program that will suit your needs, it is often most effective to do so in the Sunshine State.

Why Start Alcohol Addiction Recovery in Florida?

All of these reasons illustrate why Florida is a good choice for the start of your alcohol addiction recovery. However, the best reason to choose this option is because it suits you. You should always be in charge of your journey to recovery and choosing a rehab center and a place to begin your life without alcohol is certainly a part of this. Does Florida seem like it would be effective for your needs at this time? Do you think being away from home and getting to bask in the sun will help you be able to build and maintain a strong recovery? Then, choosing Florida rehab is probably a suitable fit.

Summer House Detox Center Offers Florida Alcohol Addiction Recovery Treatment

Our detox treatment center in Fort Lauderdale, FL offers safe, secure lodging as well as medically supervised treatment for alcohol withdrawal and recovery. We help our patients every step of the way, from intake to their transition into alcohol rehab.

You can contact us at Summer House Detox Center by calling 800-719-1090. When you speak to one of our addiction specialists, they will be able to help you seek out the best treatment for your needs, determine if your insurance will cover the care you require to get better and assist you in beginning your recovery as soon as possible. Visit us at 13550 Memorial Highway Miami, FL 33161.