Our mission is to assist you in living an addiction-free life. The first step for many addicts is the detoxification process. Summer House is South Florida’s a premier Alcohol and Substance Abuse Detox Center.

We accomplish this goal by giving you a strong liquid narcotic cocktail in reducing doses every four hours during your stay in a controlled, medically supervised environment until you’re clean. Your comfort during this process is a top priority.

What Is The Advanced Detox Protocol?

The Summer House Detox Center uses a liquid cocktail, which is a combination of several potent medications, which you will receive every four hours around the clock in reducing doses until you are clean. One of the medications is a short acting narcotic, which will, in most cases, initially meet or slightly exceed your current “habit” to ensure that you are comfortable during your stay with us.

What Makes Summer House Different?

Summer House Detox Center affords you the luxury to avoid the discomfort of a hospital setting. Summer House is a caring family owned and operated facility. We provide a relaxed detox center where you will receive medication to ease you off the addicting substances in a comfortable environment. What you won’t get at Summer House is an “in your face” atmosphere. Our aim is to make this trying time as cozy and comfortable as possible. Many of our patients enjoy their time here and feel relief that they had a friend to help them through.

Leading a drug and alcohol free life is a life-long process. The first step is complete detoxification. This is our Mission! We have been helping patients with their detoxification for almost two decades, which has enabled us to bring it to a near science! We have developed a unique medical protocol that will detox you in a very smooth manner.

While you receive the potent detox medication you will also meet with our therapist and have the comfort of enjoying our amenities that include:

In addition to this we have brought together a dynamic team of staff who will support you in this stage of your recovery and help point you toward and prepare you for the next step of your journey of freedom from addiction.

  • Highest Staff to patient ratio, over 2:1
  • Individual consultation with medical doctor
  • Individual consultation with addiction specialist
  • Full medical assessments, full blood work ups
  • Nurses supervision, and medically monitored 24 hours/day
  • Free In-House Valet Laundry Services
  • Referrals to recovery programs
  • Intakes 24 hours/day
  • Transportation