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Summer House has helped over 15,000 patients regain a healthy and happy life in its almost 20-year history.  At Summer House Detox Center, we believe that individuals are unique and their treatment should be as well.  We aim to keep our patient’s dignity intact by ensuring the withdrawal process is as safe and comfortable as possible.  We know how critical this time is in your recovery process and our goal is to make the process smooth and successful.

I want to express my deepest thanks and gratitude for how you helped walk me through one of the hardest battles of my life.


We provide rehabilitation services for the following:


At Summer House Detox Center, we appreciate the fact that many of our patients are dual diagnosed.  However, one may suffer from the disease of alcohol and chemical dependence, there may often be a co-occurring mental disease. We accommodate dual-diagnosed co-occurring disorders. At Summer House, we appreciate that each patient is an individual, and our Mission is to tailor each detox to answer your needs.

If you need help addressing any of these addictions, please call 888-DETOX-123 now or fill in the contact form. We’ll help you get on the road to recovery.

What Is The Reduction Detox?

You probably are afraid of getting clean because you know from past experiences that when you give up that fix, whether it be in the form of a pill, shot, drink, line, or an unhealthy combo of any of the above, the pain comes on in a ruthless fashion. At Summer House we specialize in combating that pain.

First Phase

The first phase of our protocol is what we call the “Stabilization Period.” When you first arrive we, in most cases, are able to meet or slightly exceed your initial “habit” with our liquid medication, which you receive every four hours in reducing doses. During these first days with us patients feel the same level of comfort as if you were totally satisfied by your drug of choice, yet with us you are in a safe environment. Your habit will be slowly minimized in gentle reductions. You will have a very pleasant feeling due to the fact that you will have an improved appetite and will be in a soothing ambience with caring people.

Second Phase

After several days you will enter what we call the “Reduction Phase.” During this phase you feel increased comfort. Your ability to sleep will improve, your appetite for food will grow, and you will be more social and animated, participating in discussions about starting a new and improved life. At Summer House, there will be no annoying rules to put a damper on the positivity that is inherent in the prospect of becoming clean. You will still be comfortably medicated but as the days go by, your dose will be going down. In this phase, many of our patients enjoy the option of calling for a massage to help with tension and stress relief. They also reward themselves with our in-house hydrotherapy pool to help with their relaxation.

Third Phase

Toward the end of your stay with Summer House you will enter what we call the “Twilight Phase.” During this phase, we introduce a uniquely compounded “Booster” medication which will quickly smooth out the end stage withdrawal pains which addicts find sluggish and bothersome. The “Booster” is an energy producing medicine, which will make you feel remarkably better.

Your stay at Summer House will have been a pleasant relief and as a staff we will be working with you to determine what actions must be taken to create your best chances of remaining clean. On a physical level, you will be taking hydrotherapy for any muscle soreness, and we will educate you on our amino acid post acute withdrawal formula which we have found helps addicts jump start their endorphin production. You will receive the Booster all during the “Twilight Phase” and will feel a sense of energy from this skillfully prescribed medication.

What About After Care?

One service that Summer House is able to offer, which is somewhat unique to us is an experiential recommendation for aftercare. We can help you to get established in a healthy routine upon return, which will greatly improve your chances of remaining clean.

At Summer House we are a detox facility in Florida and have no stake in where or how you pursue your recovery upon discharge from us but we do have the invaluable resource of getting to know you while you are with us. When you choose which facility or avenue of care you are to follow in your quest to become clean, most places you speak with recommend their facility without having met you or experienced your company for any period of time. We have relationships with treatment centers all over the country and having been in the field for close to twenty years can give you information on which option might be best for you.

This may or may not be your first time seeking help, but it is our heartfelt goal to make it your last and with the time we spend with you we will do what we can to help you achieve that goal.