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Summer House Detox Center in Miami, has treated hundreds of people just like you, who are looking for a better life. People who were sick of this sickness that has plagued their health, their emotional well-being and their families. With help from Summer House, they have found the strength to overcome their addiction and have much more fulfilling lives.

Here are some inspirational testimonials from past patients that will illustrate the Summer House difference! Please Contact Us Today!

Just a quick note to begin to express our thanks for your care and compassion with our daughter. As you know, she arrived at the facility last week. Everyone was so very welcoming and kind and put Emily at ease, right away. I also appreciated (as her mom) the opportunity to meet with the staff and allay a bit of my fear re: the upcoming detox for Emily. I am backing home in Washington, and I look forward to Emily’s recovery from the methadone addiction. We have heard from her and she seems to indicate that she is doing well and receiving wonderful care from all of you. Thanks again for helping us to begin the path down this long and difficult road.

- Very Sincerely, John and Wendy

Your staff and facility has meant the world to me. Everyone made me feel so comfortable and welcomed, like I belonged here. I was petrified coming here because it was my first detox; but I immediately felt comfortable. When I was scared or upset, techs would sit down and talk to me and comfort me as much as possible. I am sad to leave here tomorrow because it’s such a wonderful atmosphere and I have bonded with so many people; staff and other patients.

I know I am 100% blessed to have been able to come here and get help and anyone who comes here is blessed as well.

I will miss all of you.

God Bless and keep doing the wonderful work you are doing to help people.

My deepest gratitude to all,

- Heather

My son, Michael ____ arrived at your facility the evening of May 9th. I knew that night my son was alive and in a safe place getting the help he so desperately needed and deserved. It was the first night in months that I slept with a sense of peace and gratitude. Michael called me Mother’s Day, and just to hear his voice was the best Mother’s Day gift I ever received.

A special thank you to Bert, Scott and Kyle, not to the exclusion of others whose names I cannot recall. Michael was very comfortable at the facility, and he loved the staff. He raved about the Chef and the plentiful and delicious food that was served.

Your caring and professional staff provided Michael the care, support, and encouragement he needed to begin his journey to a clean and sober lifestyle. He left the Summer House feeling better about himself and believing he can achieve and live a healthy, happy life in recovery. Michael left there with hope, strength, and a commitment to follow a path to the life he wants and deserves. I thank you all for this new beginning.

Thank you seems so trite an expression for what I feel in my heart. You all gave Michael a wonderful gift and opportunity. I will be forever grateful.

With respect and gratitude,

Bobbi S.

- Michael’s Mother

Hello. I have enjoyed reading the newsletter, and am happy to report that sobriety is the best thing that has ever happened to me! I am currently working in Psych intake, at __ hospital in __ Beach. I see clients coming in with all kinds of problems, many substance abuse related. We admit them to our Pavilion, and I always think about the detox process as I am writing their orders. Although I didn’t go thru a dreadful “cold turkey” detox, thanks to summer house, I find that many people are scared to quit because of the horrors of quitting. I can relate to their stress and fear, and I try to treat my clients as respectfully as I was treated at Summer House.

Thanks again, for being there for those who need you.

- Julie

Thank you so much for all you have done for me. You were all so kind and caring. I couldn’t thank you more.

- Lori

Thank you so much for making my stay here at Summer House so warm and healing to my spirit. I wont forget you. You will all be in my prayers forever. Will all my love and great appreciation.

- Kerry

Summer House, I want to thank every one of you for the help, the kindness, and respect. I can not ever say enough good things about all of you! Just when I thought that I was hopeless I found you. Right now I am clean and I owe that all to the Summer House. I will pray every night for ally our souls, I thank you will all my heart. P.S. Thank you Steve for your word’s of wisdom, and your kindness. I’ll keep them with me forever.  Love,

- Rodney

I want to express my deepest thanks and gratitude for how you helped walk me through one of the hardest battles of my life. It has been a journey of tears, pain, insomnia, anxiety, and a stay at an indignant psych hospital. Your steady hand, nursing integrity, and (most of all) your TLC helped me get to the other side. My joy is returning and I am smiling again. I will never forget you and all you do for me. I will call you and let you know how I am doing- I hope we meet again (NOT AT SUMMERHOUSE). With love and appreciation,

- Chris