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Many people believe they don’t need professional help to recover from an alcohol addiction, but the truth is that doing so can be difficult or even dangerous without proper care. The benefits of seeking care at a professional Miami alcohol treatment center include both physical and psychological advantages.

Miami Alcohol Detox Is Safer

Because alcohol is a legal substance, users often believe they can quit cold turkey without the devastating side effects experienced by opioid or cocaine abusers. Unfortunately, alcohol withdrawal has one of the most potentially dangerous withdrawal syndromes. As stated by the National Library of Medicine, alcohol withdrawal can turn into delirium tremens in those who have abused the substance often enough. This is a medical emergency that can be life-threatening and is also very difficult to predict.

People who choose to seek alcohol detox in a secure Miami alcohol treatment center are often much safer than those who do not seek this type of help. They are more likely to get the help they need if withdrawal symptoms do worsen, and it’s easier for professionals to spot those symptoms.

Those Who Seek Treatment Have a Higher Likelihood for Recovery

Relapse rates for addiction to drugs and alcohol are similar to those associated with chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. However, people who receive treatment for addiction still have better recovery rates than those who do not. For example, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism states that one-third of individuals treated for alcohol abuse show no symptoms a year after their treatment ends. While there is always a chance of relapse, this chance reduces after treatment.

Miami Alcohol Treatment Centers Offer Additional Options

Some individuals prefer to seek help from a counselor or through a support program such as AA, but one large benefit of seeking care in a Miami alcohol rehab center is that these facilities often offer additional programs for recovering individuals.

  • Aftercare is an important part of recovery for alcoholics, and most professional programs offer this kind of care through vouchers for another program, booster sessions that take place after the program has ended or other types of support.
  • Many rehab centers provide holistic programs that go beyond the general evidence-based practices of recovery. These can include options such as yoga, exercise, meditation, massage therapy, aromatherapy and many others — a number of which have been proven to be effective for those in addiction recovery.More than anything else, treatment in Miami alcohol rehab centers can cater to the unique needs of the patient. Those who are religious can seek help in spirituality-based centers, while others can find secular treatment. The possibilities are endless in many cases because there are so many different types of rehab centers.
  • It’s important to remember that addiction treatment is considered an essential health benefit (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). As such, most insurance plans — either private, government-issued or purchased through a group such as a work place — cover at least a portion of your treatment in a Miami alcohol recovery program.

For more information about benefits of alcohol rehab in Miami, contact Summer House Detox Center at 800-719-1090. We offer alcohol detox in Miami and provide all the tools required for your recovery. Visit us at at 13550 Memorial Highway Miami, FL 33161.