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Can Aftercare Drug Rehab Prevent You From Another Relapse?

aftercare drug rehab

Relapsing is a common and normal part of addiction recovery. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) states that the relapse rate for substance use disorders is between 40% and 60%, which is actually lower than that of other chronic conditions including asthma and high blood pressure. While relapsing may be normal, it can still be incredibly dangerous—especially if you’re recovering from an addiction to substances like opioids associated with high overdose rates.

Aftercare drug rehab programs are designed to prevent people in recovery from experiencing a relapse after returning home. Keep reading to learn more about how these programs work, and where you can find aftercare drug rehab in Miami.

What Is Aftercare In Drug Rehab?

Aftercare drug rehab programs provide patients with ongoing support, therapy, and treatment after they have finished their initial rehab programs. The main purpose of drug rehab aftercare is to help patients stay sober as they transition back into everyday life outside of a treatment center and to achieve healthier, more rewarding, and productive lives.

Aftercare in drug rehab is usually available as an outpatient service, though some treatment centers may deliver it in an inpatient setting. Aftercare programs are tailored to each patient, and can take place one or more times per week based on the patient’s unique needs and situation.

Why Is Drug Rehab Aftercare So Important?

After your drug rehab program ends, it can be overwhelming to navigate society as you did before while trying to stay abstinent from drugs and alcohol. Many patients need ongoing support during the early days and weeks after becoming sober, as well as an ample amount of time to develop skills that help them avoid relapse.

Aftercare can help you stay motivated about your recovery, and keeps you in close contact with doctors, therapists, and peers who hold you accountable for staying sober. Aftercare drug rehab programs offer a variety of services that can help you improve your life and become more productive after leaving the treatment center. Career counseling, academic support, and financial planning are some of the many invaluable services you can receive in an aftercare program.

Aftercare programs will also help you identify triggers and learn how to effectively manage or avoid those triggers to prevent relapse. For example, if you used drugs and alcohol to reduce stress, aftercare programs can teach you how to manage stress using healthier methods such as yoga and meditation.

What Are the Different Types Of Drug Rehab Aftercare?

Aftercare in drug rehab generally describes any type of ongoing care people may receive after completing an addiction treatment program. An aftercare drug rehab program can take on many different forms, such as 12-step support group meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous, or weekly individual and group therapy sessions. An aftercare program may also take on the form of an alumni program run by your drug rehab center, or as a period of time spent in sober living housing.

Your drug rehab center can develop an aftercare program best suited for you based on your recovery progress and situation. For example, if you come from a home where drugs and alcohol are used frequently by members of your household, your treatment team at drug rehab may recommend staying in a sober living community until you can get back on your feet and make arrangements to live in a healthier, safer environment.

Other types of services that may be offered in an aftercare program include:

  • Medication management
  • Legal support and advice
  • Support for major life transitions
  • Case management
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Mental health / dual diagnosis therapy
  • Substance abuse education
  • Childcare and family support

How Does Aftercare Prevent Relapse?

According to a study published in Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, aftercare drug rehab programs help patients recognize the early warning signs of relapse and develop coping skills to prevent relapse early on when they’re facing the greatest chance of success.

The therapies used in aftercare programs guide patients through the early stages of abstinence when they may experience cravings and other post-acute withdrawal symptoms that commonly lead to relapse. Aftercare programs also help patients repair the damages in their lives caused by addiction—such as broken relationships—and move forward from traumas and other barriers that may be interfering with their recovery.

What Are the Benefits Of Going To a Drug Rehab Aftercare In Miami?

Miami, Florida is home to a number of drug rehab aftercare programs that help patients find new purpose in their lives after overcoming drug dependence and receiving addiction treatment. Miami is located right on the coast where patients have access to beautiful beaches, warm temperatures, and sunny weather year-round. Regular exposure to sunlight increases the body’s production of vitamin D, which is highly beneficial and therapeutic for patients who need to boost their immune systems after long periods of drug and alcohol use.

Miami is home to some of the best addiction treatment centers in the country, as many facilities acknowledge the importance of spending time outdoors and participating in healthy activities after completing a drug rehab program. Sunshine and pleasant weather conditions can often boost your mood and morale, and help reduce negative feelings such as guilt and sadness as you make your way through recovery. Drug rehab centers in Miami also have access to the latest addiction treatments and medications to help patients experience a comfortable and successful recovery.

Finding the Right Aftercare For Your Loved Ones In Miami

Many accredited drug rehab centers offer aftercare programs, or can refer you or your loved one to an excellent, high-quality aftercare program at another facility. If you live outside of Florida and want your loved one to receive aftercare in Miami, the Internet may be your best source of information.

Use search terms like “aftercare drug rehab in Miami” to find the websites of facilities in Miami that offer aftercare programs and to learn more about their services, accreditation, and treatment models. If your loved one has unique recovery needs or a co-occurring condition, look for facilities that offer the right services. For example, if your loved one is recovering from PTSD or is diagnosed with schizophrenia, look for aftercare programs that offer trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy or dual diagnosis therapy.

Many treatment centers in Miami will also perform a free insurance verification check to confirm whether aftercare can be covered by your insurance company. Should your insurance not cover aftercare rehab, many treatment centers will work with you to find other financing options that can help your loved one get the treatment they need.


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